Over a two year period, our office produced over 20 HTML email campaigns to promote our business to our contacts. Using Constant Contact, we reached out to our current clients along with potential clients with newsletters, workshop invitations, project news and various promotions. Taking responsibility to design, program and send each campaign, we worked as a team to write, make images and build layouts. Keeping the database up to date, I made frequent additions and edits as Stan reached out to
new contacts.

Working to enhance Evenson Design Group’s presence on the web and draw more visitors to our site, I made frequent updates to our social media pages. I posted links, videos, and photographs from our various workshops, generated traffic to our site and enhanced our brand image.

To target potential packaging clients, we placed two ads over a series of months in Shelf Impact magazine. The advertising program also came with a series of side bar ads in the Shelf Impact Email newsletter. Our primary purpose was to draw people to our web site to see more samples and then give us a call. A corresponding landing page on the EDG web site was also developed to quickly put our best work in front of potential clients.

Role: Designed over 20 HTML emails, Programmed basic HTML and CSS for emails, Prepared finalized HTML for Constant Contact, Managed database, Prepared landing pages when needed, Assisted with frequent updates to Twitter and Facebook pages
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver
Web Software: Constant Contact, Litmus, Facebook, Twitter

Design Office: Evenson Design Group
Art Directors: Stan Evenson, Mark Sojka, Tricia Evenson
Designers: Tim Moraitis, Mark Sojka
Programmer: Tim Moraitis