Starting with Photoshop layouts, I worked with the EDG team to design layouts for all the major sections of the site. Then I coordinated with a programming team to build the site using an open source PHP based content management system. Over a two year period various functionality and layout enhancements were added by either the outside programming team or I did them in-house. Leading the effort to constantly add new work, I directed interns and in-house staff on posting solution pages, news blog entries and content. We also added landing pages for email marketing and custom advertising links. Our team’s efforts won a Graphic Design USA 2009 American Web Design Award.

Role: Designed over 10 template pages, Coordinated with programming team for building the site and ongoing additions, When possible I programed additions using Flash, PHP, HTML and CSS
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash

Design Office: Evenson Design Group
Art Directors: Stan Evenson and Mark Sojka
Designers: Tim Moraitis and Dallas Duncan
Photographer for staff portraits: Tim Moraitis
Photographer for building: Anthony Nex
Flash Programmer: Tim Moraitis
Programmer: Richard Parr

Award: Graphic Design USA 2009 American Web Design Award