One app in nine spaces had to welcome, inform, explore, discover, collaborate, ideate, and present.

BMC overview

  • Challenge: Design and guide implementation of an ecosystem of software for a briefing center. Touchpoints included self-running playlist apps, a remote control toolbox, and a flexible interactive platform that could work for both presenter-led and self-explore use cases.

  • Process: After installing a prototype at the client site, training uncovered needs to address. Additional training on iterations of the platforms informed further improvements.

  • Outcome: Features addressed needs of the presenter and meeting facilitator. Implementation strategy promoted the adoption of the platforms and making their own content. Example content sets showcased the capabilities of the platform.

Presenter Toolbox

The UI addressed the key presenter and meeting facilitator needs. The presenter needed to skip around quickly, while the facilitator needed to have a customizable agenda flow.

  • Challenge: Presenters did not like turning away from their audience to tap content on the wall. The need required a non-linear and linear way to remote control content.

  • Process: Stakeholder conversations on the phone and at the customer site informed the features that mattered most to the end-users. We tested assumptions with a prototype and made improvements prior to production.

  • Outcome: A finished system with major app functions being remote controlled. Features addressed needs of the presenter and meeting facilitator.

  Hi-fi Prototype

Annotated styleframes demonstrated functionality to the developer and the high fidelity InvisionApp prototype let the customer validate assumptions.

Designing the core features to the needs of the three users led to faster adoption by the BMC staff and great outcomes.

  • Design Office: Downstream
  • Design Principal: Tim Larson
  • Design Lead: Tim Moraitis
  • Design Director: Christian Bannister
  • Designers: Tim Moraitis, Gerry Sposato
  • Technology Directors: Sean Fitzgerald, Trent Hays
  • Developers: Gordon Nickel, Chuck Evans, Lei Ding, Kurt Ward
  • Account Manager: Craig Smith
  • Award: ABPM 2017 World Class Center