Our team iterated with the customer on the user interactions and content experience to evolve and implement the platforms.

  • Challenge: Design a public access brand experience for a life insurance company with a 160-year history at their new 32 story skyscraper in Milwaukee.

  • Process: Over a three year period the project phases included: discovery, concept, design, production, installation, and training.

  • Outcome: Ten total platforms with half being large scale interactive touch displays and half being self-running playlist displays. These platforms are arranged in a public gallery space that guests can explore.

Impact Story Tapestry

As the first of five direct touch interactive apps to be built, we iterated with the stakeholders several times to make getting to the stories easier and faster.

  • Challenge: Design a content experience for a 15.5-foot long interactive table in a public gallery space.

  • Process: After iterating with stakeholders through four design phases, the software was built, tested, and improved in multiple iterative loops. In a parallel track the content was also being authored and tested on the system.

  • Outcome: Many cuts were made to simplify the number of modes and reduce the complexity of the navigation.

Interaction diagrams explain how content is navigated, giving stakeholders a clear set of requirements they can build content against.

In this sped-up video all the basic user interactions are demonstrated.

  • Design Office: Downstream
  • Design Directors: Brian James, Christian Bannister, Michael Delaney
  • User Experience Strategist: Tim Moraitis
  • User Experience Designer: David Phillips
  • Designers: Tim Moraitis, Thorin Nielson, Kevin Chao, Clint Gorthy
  • Technology Directors: Sean Fitzgerald, Trent Hays
  • Developers: Gordon Nickel, Luke Purcell, Isaac Goodfellow, Antoinette Bumatay, Lei Ding, Daniele Grillenzoni
  • Project Managers: Jodi Remensperger, Tanya Partem
  • Account Manager: Craig Smith