GMILL: General Mills Interactive Learning Lab

With the center table surrounded by two 18 foot projection displays and one 10 foot touch wall, the immersive content experience supports the story.

  • Challenge: Design a set of six software platforms for a B2B sales center that addresses the needs of the host and guest throughout the visit journey.

  • Process: Iterated on user interface and interaction storyboards with stakeholders. After gaining consensus, my focus was prioritizing feature sets, developer hand-off, QA testing, training, documentation, and support.

  • Outcome: Platforms evolved to suit user needs, timeline constraints, and budget requirements.

Consumer insight data comes to life with opportunities that surround the visitor and tell a story with the research data.

  • Design Office: Downstream
  • Design Principal: Tim Larson
  • Design Lead: Tim Moraitis
  • Design Director: Christian Bannister
  • Designers: Tim Moraitis, Kevin Chao
  • Experience Designer: Drew Shimomura
  • Technology Directors: Sean Fitzgerald, Trent Hays
  • Developers: Gordon Nickel, Eric Hackborn, Kurt Ward
  • Project Manager: Jodi Remensperger
  • Account Manager: Rick Waritz