A series of touchpoints to engage customers and connect them with the JCI brand. Immersive storytelling convey innovations, values, thought leadership, history, and solutions.

Johnson Controls Shanghai Overview

  • Challenge: Art Direct implementation of software frameworks and content production for previously approved touchpoints.

  • Process: Define the frameworks visually and author technical specifications to guide both software developers and content producers.

  • Outcome: Seven touchpoints with most mixing environmental and digital media to maximize impact. Customers are guided through JCI’s patents, values, thought leadership topics, history, products, and solutions.


Styleframes give stakeholders a realistic depiction of the modes to gain brand approval and key feedback.

  • Challenge: Art Direct the content process for a platform on five 10 foot video arrays.

  • Process: Visually document the intended content on the platform to guide stakeholders and staff to author content and the developers to build the platform.

  • Outcome: Completed a content program of bilingual stories that play out over three modes: ambient attract, self-explore, and presenter triggered unified anthem videos.

Communicating the story-telling flexibility helps content makers understand the capabilities of the platform and the minimum effort to publish.

  • Design Office: Downstream
  • Design Principal: Tim Larson
  • Design Directors: Brian James, Christian Bannister
  • Art Director and User Experience Strategist: Tim Moraitis
  • Designers: Gerry Sposato, Matthew Stucky, Kevin Chao
  • Technology Directors: Sean Fitzgerald, Trent Hays
  • Design Production and Software Development Studio: WuxiCube Shanghai
  • Project Managers: Jessica DeVries, Tim Bright
  • Account Manager: Jon Alfred
  • Award: Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) 2018 World Class Center