The F5 Networks Customer Engagement Center is located on the 48th floor of the F5 Tower in Seattle. Our team designed and produced two interactive platforms to enhance their customer experience and elevate the F5 brand.

The first experience is a projection wall with animated triangles that track with guests movement as they walk down the hallway. Custom content can be triggered by the guests RFID badge by role, industry, and agenda topic. Welcome messages greet each guest as their presence is detected by RFID.

The second experience is a presenter-led platform with a control table and LED wall. Content is paced by the presenter who steps through stories that highlight key offerings and thought leadership from F5. The table allows guests to respond to prompts and choices from presenters, so guests are active participants in the conversation.

Control Table User Interface

F5 UI Presenter Controller

  • Challenge: After designing an initial interface and installing, the presenters who use the system with customers had key feedback that need to be addressed.

  • Process: Our team iterated multiple rounds of refinements to the controller and collaborated with the end-user presenters to test changes with customers.

  • Outcome: We expanded the presenter controller by consolidating everything in one menu, then reduced navigation errors by putting the options under a home menu. We added a Recent Places feature, so a presenter could get back to where they left off in case of accidental taps to the wrong place.

Refine the presenter control panel to reduce errors, increase speed, and help presenters in case they get lost.

Overview of the table and wall in the space along with highlights of the user interface for the presenter.

Walk through video demo of the presenter controls along with the wall content.

Click-through prototype demo of the wall and table.

  • Design Office: Downstream
  • Design Principle: Tim Larson
  • User Experience Strategist: Tim Moraitis
  • Content Strategist: Russell Fraze
  • Designers: Tim Moraitis, Kat Enyeart, Rob Schroeder, Tyler Varnau
  • Technology Directors: Gordon Nickel, Sean Fitzgerald, Trent Hays
  • Developers: Gordon Nickel, Nick Hogle, Shelby Ziccardi, Antoinette Burnatay, Peter Sooley, Tsai Xing Wong
  • Project Managers: Andrew Harvey, Gauri Vengurlekar
  • Account Manager: Jon Alford
  • Award: 2020 World Class Award for F5 Customer Engagement Center, Seattle - Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) and 2020 Innovation in Customer Experience Award for F5 Customer Engagement Center, Seattle - Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM)