As a breast cancer survivor, Olivia Newton-John in conjunction with Dr. Ernie Bodai, developed a unique product: The Liv Aid. Breast abnormalities can be detected much more effectively during a breast self examination with the Liv Aid. This site features live footage with dialog from Olivia and Dr. Bodai introducing the benefits of this product in a friendly way directly on the home page. The client is BHS International, who handles all health care marketing for Olivia Newton-John.

Role: Designed 20 plus pages based on supplied concept layouts, Coordinated with programming team for all HTML production, Coordinated with video team for Flash video integration
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash

Design Office: Evenson Design Group
Art Directors: Stan Evenson and Mark Sojka
Designers: Tim Moraitis and Weina Dinata