Designed layout ideas for a Motoring Journal to provide as a gift at the 2009 Concours d’Elegance. Selected by the client and refined two rounds, the book was finished and printed by in-house creative. Layouts communicate vintage and authenticity with attention to small details in type, patterns, and workmanship reflective of collector cars. Gift journals were given by HagertyInsurance Agency which specializes in collector cars and boats.The finished journal is 8.25 x 5 inches, leather bound, hard cover, with an elastic closure and inner pocket.

Role: Design of initial concept spreads, Design of revision rounds
Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Design Office: Matli Group
Art Director: Dave Matli
Designers: Tim Moraitis and Kenn Rudolph

Published: How Magazine 2010 Self-Promotion Issue, Sept. 2010
Award: Promotion Design Award for Miscellaneous Promotions